I trusted my husband, I never knew he was sleeping with my pastor wife – woman cry out

A married lady took to a Facebook group to err her frustration and needs advice after she discovered that her husband was sleeping with her pastor’s wife on the pastor’s consent.

She wrote that she had suspected the husband was having an affair with a woman outside so she decided to secretly check his phone and to her surprise she discovered he was sleeping with their pastor’s wife.

The annoying part is that the woman is now made in love with her husband and claims she enjoys sleeping with the man more than her husband. She married lady is so pissed and may do something dangerous.

She needs advice on what to do, please do not close without writing a comment please. See her post below Please advice her on what to do via comment, do not leave without saying a word even if you say ‘SORRY’ alone, it is okay.

She posted below.

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