“I Spent Years Hating Men After I Was Raped at Age 3 Until This Man Stood Infront of Me- Jacinta Narrates (Video)

Jacinta Wambui is a bold lady who came out to talk about how she has been coping with abuse trauma since she was a little girl. She revealed that she was raped by a man who was close to their family at the age of three and even though her parents knew about it they did not take any step to take her for counseling thinking that the memories will just fade away.

Jacinta was greatly affected because since that time she feared men and even young boys. At school she isolated herself and whenever a boy came closer to her she would start crying. One of her classmates asked her to stop fearing men because that way she will never find someone to marry her.

She developed social anxiety which made it hard to be around people and have conversations while maintaining eye contact. She later on developed complex PTSD which has affected her so much. At the age of 24 she has never dated or thought of getting close to any man.

Jacinta revealed all this on Lynn Ngugi Show that had an audience consisting of psychologists and other sexual abuse victims. One of the psychologists asked a man in the audience to stand in front of Jacinta and declare to her that she is confident, beautiful and she will get married some day.

At the end of that act Jacinta cried and revealed that she has spent years hating men until this man stood in front of her. That she now believes that not every man is after hurting or taking advantage of her.

Jacinta advised parents to be careful while raising their children and incase of any abuse they should take them for therapy to avoid interfering with their development into adulthood.

Watch Video below:

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