I paid assassin 100k to kill my father, for disowning me- Angela Michael 21 years old confessed

I paid assassin 100k to kill my father, for disowning me- Angela Michael 21 years old confessed Rich-Kid studio.opera.com Angela Michael (21 years old) has been apprehended by police officers who traced the death of his father, Engineer Michael Christopher to her.

The late Engineer reportedly died on Thursday, 2nd of April 2020 in his home. Engineer Michael’s source of death has been been unknown, although investigations were still ongoing as at the time of Angela’s arrest in Katsina-Ala in Benue state.It was alleged that the late Engineer’s death was homicidal, as he suffered from severe stabbed wounds that led him bleeding to death.

He was rushed to the hospital by his brother who rushed in after hearing the tragic news, but it was to no avail as the man gave up the ghost before he arrived at the hospital. Serious Investigations has been ongoing until yesterday, when two suspects were arrested by the police for shooting incessantly in a birthday celebration at Welldo Hotel.

After their arrests, they were discovered with pictures of the late engineer ironically. This coincidence according to the police enacted series of questions on whose pictures they were carrying.

They claimed initally that it was the picture of their boss, but after their subsequent detention, it was discovered after findings, that the man’s picture was found in a reported case of homicide.

However, they claimed they worked for him and refused to confessed until after hours of interrogation where they were reportedly subjected to tortures, one of them by name Etienne Ukpong, from Uyo, Akwa Ibom state confessed that he and some men were involved in a mission to cripple an Engineer who he thought was still alive, as the mission wasn’t a death one according to him.

He however indicted Angela, the late Engineer’s daughter, as he claimed the lady paid him with some other persons the sum of 100,000 naira to threatened and hurt his father for allegedly disowning her after she misused some undisclosed amount of money from the late man’s bank account.

Angela Michael was arrested Immediately after the reports, although she denied it, further investigations are still being carried out by the police.

She was detained immediately with the two suspects. The world today is full of mysteries, reported yesterday was a man who killed her daughter for rituals, today is now the case of Angela sending killers to hurt her father who unfortunately died.

The world may truely come to an end afterall., we all have to be prayerful and be careful in our deeds, as Angela never expected that her crime in secret, could be revealed ironically in such manner. What can you say to this?

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