I Have Spent 6 Years for a 4-year Course And I’m In My Late 20s, I May Not Be Able To Serve –Student

Nigerian Students trooped out in various Federal Universities across the country to protest the indefinite industrial action of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, which commenced on February 14.

Students of the University of Ibadan, the University of Benin and other federal institutions converged in front of their respective school gates to air their grievances. It was however reported by PUNCH News that there was tight security present at UNILAG gate as students also planned to join the protest.

The students of the University of Benin have continued their protest today. A BBC News Correspondent who was present at the protest ground today was able to interview a few of the student protesters.

The second student interviewed, who identified himself as Ayere Elisha laments the unending industrial action of ASUU as he explains how it has affected him. He said the strike has kept the students at home for about 80 days and they are all tired.

He added that he has spent about 6 years studying a 4-year course in the school and age is catching up on him. He said he is currently in his late 20s and if the strike persists, he might not get the chance to go for his NYSC program as the age limit is 30.

He said: “We have been at home for about 80 days now and we are tired. I have spent 6 years studying a 4-year course in school and I am currently in my late 20s. I don’t know if you understand. Before you know it now, I won’t be able to serve again”.

“So, I have come to join my fellow students in solidarity and cry out to ASUU and the Federal Government settle the matter.” –he said.

Another student who granted an interview with the BBC News Correspondent also aired his grievance. He said they are tired of staying at home. He said as they keep telling them to learn skills during the strike, he has learnt barbing, tailoring amongst others but now, he is tired.

“It is not as if it is free, we are paying school fees. I will pay school fees only to stay at home. We want to go back to school. We are tired of staying at home, that’s why we came out.” –He said.

A female student who was also part of the protesters said they have brought their school materials to the protest. She said as they have been sent away from school, they would start studying on the streets until the Government listen to their cry.

“If this will be the last good thing you can do for us before you leave, kindly do it, President Buhari. Call off the strike so that we can go and read our books inside classroom. I want to become a lecturer and the only place I can achieve that is inside school, nowhere else. Please, we want to go back to school” –she cried out.

As a part of their demonstration, the students also organized a miniature of a classroom in front of their school gate. They said they would not stop until the Federal Government listens to their cry.

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