I feel like am Dreaming! My Boyfriend Of 2 Years Dumped Me Because Of This.

I feel like am Dreaming! My Boyfriend Of 2 Years Dumped Me Because Of This.

I`m typing this with regret and tears. I don’t know what to do again and I seriously need your advice. I’ve been dating this guy for 2 years. We met at a time when everything was really tough for him.

He had just lost his job as a General Manager of a company and couldn’t even afford his rent. I met him at a wedding my friend invited me to, we exchanged numbers and we hit it off from there. We became so close that we couldn’t go a whole day without talking to each other. We were not seeing each other as we were supposed to because of my work schedule, which he always complained about.

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I stood by this guy even though he had no job at the time. Most times, I split my salary in two just to make sure he wasn’t completely stranded.There was a time I had to make a contribution at my work place just to meet up with his rent as his landlady already threatened to send him packing. By this time, I had met his family and they all loved me. His mom loved me the most and was always thanking me for taking care of her son and in her words, for “covering his secret”.

For like a whole year, I was the one footing the bills and I was not complaining because I was in love. He gave me all the attention a girl could ever ask for and this was what I needed most because ( I forgot to mention earlier) I’m an Orphan.

I didn’t grow up with so much love and my past relationships had always been with Yoruba demons. That was the reason I even decided to date an Igbo guy this time around. Long story short, he got a job about the 11th month of our relationship. We were so happy, we celebrated and our relationship was smooth…Or so I thought.

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He got a new apartment and asked me to move in with him because paying a rent together seems better than paying rents separately. At this point, my rent was due in 4 months, so I packed few of my stuff to his house and left the major ones because, as a lady I didn’t want him and every other person to think I was moving into a guy’s house.

After 2 months, he told me 2 of his brothers were coming to stay with us for a while. I wasn’t too happy with this, but for the fact that we weren’t even married, I couldn’t object. At this time, my company was having issues and had to let some staff go. Luckily, I wasn’t affected, but my commissions were cut off and I was happy that I had moved in with my boyfriend if not, I would have been really broke.

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With the help of a friend who introduced me to shipusnow I was able to pick from a list of good logistics providers that helped move my stuff from my other apartment to my boyfriends house. My boyfriend saw my luggages (my chairs, mattress, Dining set and all) and started complaining.

He said they were too much and he has no space in the house because his brothers would be staying for a very long time. He said I cant expect him to send his brothers away just because he has a girlfriend.

At this point, I was really confused because he knew I had all these stuff in my former apartment and he had asked me to move them in. I thought he was just bluffing just to get back home from work one day to see all my things outside his gate.

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I was dumbfounded, confused and angry at the same time. I was seriously hoping it was a mix up or there could be an explanation for what was happening. I walked in to meet him in the sitting room with his brothers playing a video game. I was blind with rage but calmly asked him why my stuffs were outside.

He completely ignored me. At this point, I was so furious, and angrily turned off the game they were playing. He got up angrily and threatened to hit me. He said I was trying to push responsibilities down his throat by bringing my load to his house even after informing me that his brothers would be staying with him.

We started shouting at each other and he said what I’ve been dreading. He asked me to get out of his house and his life. I started crying. I didn’t know what to do. His brothers seemed happy I was leaving. He sent me out of the house that day.

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That was Months ago. I`m still squatting with a friend. Some of my things are still outside in his compound. I have nowhere to move them to.

I cannot afford a rent at this stage. I feel used and empty and have made up my mind to be single forever. Now, the question I ask myself everyday is: Could my luggages have been the main reason he dumped me?

What can you say to this?


  • I’m so sorry for you my dear.. but how can I be able to get to you,I need to reach you.if the story is not a fiction

  • What a Life. I wish I was your male friend. I could have given you a very good advice before you moved to this demonic boyfriend of yours and even the same day he got a new job.

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