I am dead, please help me’ Man cries out when he discovered his side chick is an Army Major

When they tell you not to joke with Nigerian Army, they mean the female ones especially.

This is the story of a man who shared his problem on a page named Postsubman. He shared how he got into a relationship with a lady without knowing much about her.

“I was just goofing around Facebook, ‘he said in his story; I saw this pretty lady and I sent her a friend request ASAP which she accepted few days later.

Few days later, I sent her a handwave which she replied me and that was how it all started.

When I finally shoot my shot, It was after much pressure that she accepted, reminding him that she don’t need any unseroius commitment at which I kept assuring her that I was real.”

Until she visited to me one weekend and asked me to drop her off at the barracks. She introduced herself as a major in the army, her two brothers are Lt. Colonels and her father, a Rtd. General.

Read his pathetic story and his friends’ replies below.

I was just goofing around on Facebook, saw one pretty sister and that was how the Casanova spirit inside me pushed me to send her friend request which she accepted after two days. Some days after I sent her that hand wave on Facebook messenger and she responded.

that was how it all started.. Something in me was saying take it easy but this spirit of Casanova was really prepared to deal with me. After pressure she accepted and she even told me she does not want any unserious fellow but I keep assuring her I am different that my love is here to stay..but deep inside me I came for the tithe and offering.

last weekend she spent the weekend together. On Sunday morning she asked me to go drop her whichI obliged.we drove close to Artillery Barrack, she pointed to the Army gate and ask me to drive in.l thought she was joking but she was not. We got to the gate hmmmmm the soldiers at the gate were saluting her.

at that point I don’t know if the car’s AC went off or I was the one that put it off but I began to sweat. Luckily she did not notice. i dropped her and she pecked me and told me to go with the car and use it as she will come to my place after service.I managed to drive out of the gate. Later in the day she came as promised and ask if she surprised me.

.l said not really that I am proud of her.meanwhile I had peed like Oorel 200times already.Just this morning she fully introduced herself as Major her only two brothers are Lt Colonels in the Army and she is the only girl of her father who is a retired General.. know I am dead but I don’t know how dead Il am.

my wife and kids are due to return next week.. Please I need help OperaNew:Gub Hub

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