Husband and Wife of 20 Years Get Divorced—3 Years Later, Their Son Catches This on Camera

“True love always finds its way back around.”

Those words may sound like a too-good-to-be-true cliché tacked on to the end of a romance novel, but for Jeffrey and Lorrie Agan, they’ve lived it.

The couple from Bowling Green, Ohio, got married in 1989 and had eight kids together. But after over 20 years of fighting for their marriage, they decided to divorce in 2014.

“Both of my parents each went on a separate journey for self-renewal,” their son, Jeff, told Fox 8.

After truck driving for 20 years, his dad decided to go back to school to study nursing. He also began hitting the gym and writing poetry in an effort to better himself both physically and mentally.

In her own journey of self-empowerment, his mother sought peace in the beauty of God’s creation and meditating to renew her mind.

Eventually, both Jeffrey and Lorrie felt they were ready to start dating each other again—and on Friday, December 22, Lorrie got the most amazing Christmas gift she could’ve imagined from her ex-husband: a poem AND a second proposal.

Jeff captured his parents recommitting their love to one another on camera—and the touching event has now been viewed by over 10 million people.

“Congrats Mom and Dad! True love always finds its way back around,” wrote the proud son.

Watch this magical moment unfold for yourself in the video below, and snag a box of Kleenexes while you’re at it. You’re gonna need it!

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