How I Became Rich After Being Sacked With Nothing From My Boss

According to a popular adage which says some disappointment may be appointment is actually a true statement of fact. I never believe the phrase before but it happened to me practically.

I am a 36 years old man from Delta State. I worked with a private company in Lagos as an Accountant. I usually resume work as early as 6:45 am in order to escape the heavy traffic along Oworonshoki- Idumota express way.

My boss don’t normally come to work early but he has never absented himself from work, except he travel out of the state. One fateful day. He came to work very early which is unusual and it surprises all staff.

My Boss became angry for any one that came few minutes after 8:00am. He started inspecting the offices one after the other and when he got to my office. He asked me to give him a break to break analysis of monthly income and expenditures of the company’s account for the first quarter of the year.

I told to supply him a detailed analysis in the next three days. He became furious and threatened to sack me,if i do not come to his office with the analysis within two days instead of the three days i requested. This made me to work day and night in order to meet up with the ultimatum given by my Boss.

At exactly 4:00pm in the next day i gave him details of the revenue and expenditure account of the lst quarter of year 2019. My Boss was satisfied with the Job , but still threatened to lay off some staff owing to the effect of covid 19 pandemic. Few days later, he called a meeting of all staffers and said due to the prevailing economic situation of the country. He has no option than to disengage some staff. He however, didn’t mention the name of any body.

The following day one of my co- staff secretly whispered to me that names of employees who have been disengaged from the services of the company has been pasted. I hurriedly went to the notice board and discoverd my name was written among the affected staff. I was completely devastated and don’t know what to do.

My boss didn’t give us any parlliative and i went home with annoyance. I decided to seek for Job in government establishment to avoid sudden sack, but all my efforts were crowned in vain as there were no available job. I always went through job advert in the social media and red the testimony of a man who was in abject poverty, but got money through Spiritual means. I quickly copied the address as follows Chief Dr Ohanu Spiritual temple,

I called the Spiritualist who made him rich and booked appointment with him.

The Spiritualist told me to visit him the next day. I actually vi

sited him because I was conscious of making money.

The Spiritualist asked me to buy a big bag with a live cat. After all his spiritualities he asked me to open the bag and i discoverd it was full to the brim with the highest currency in the country. He told to repeat it every month end and this was how i became gradually rich and wealthy to the admiration of all and Sundry.

In case you have been sacked by your boss in your place of work. I urged you to contact Chief Dr Ohanu for a Spiritual solution. Your efforts in seeing him will make you to prosper regardless of the level of poverty affecting your life.

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