Good Samaritan Left speechless after A Beggar Rejected His N100 Alms, says she needs N500 instead Because her Begging Target for the day Is N2000 (video)

Beggar Rejected N100 says she needs N500 instead,Because her Begging Target for the day is 2k(video)

Beggar this day has set standards and goals for themselves, because begging is now one of the most lucrative jobs this days, though people see it as a shameful things, people who involve in begging knows how much they earn daily.

Some people has this notion that Beggars are normally people with metal problems, that normal human beings can never go begging instead of securing a good job that can take care of his bills and needs.

Today we got a report via a video footage revealed a female Beggar rejecting money from someone who wanted to help her because the money value was not that very high.

According to the report, an anonymous wanted to help a female beggar after she repeatedly solicit for funds from the anonymous out of empathy the man gave her hundreds Naira, but to his greatest astonishment the female beggar rejected the money the sum of N100 by requesting for a bigger amount of money.

When the anonymous then asked her why she refused to accept the money by requesting higher amounts, she said” that her buget for that day is N2k that she needs N500 in order to meet up with her daily expectations.

Watch video below :

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