FG is Trying to Set Me UP- Ordinary Ahmed Cries Out

…Shuts Down Tuesday Broadcast Over Man’s Suicide Attempt

Ordinary Ahmed Isa, President and Founder of the live radio/television reality magazine programme, Brekete Family Show, has declared that the Federal Government of Nigeria is trying to set him up.

Dr Isa disclosed this information on Tuesday morning on Human Rights Radio 101.1 FM, following some suspicious activities transpiring within the radio station’s premises.

To avoid any implications, the founder of the BreketeFamily Programme immediately announced that he’d shut down the live broadcast for the day and consequently extend the time to Friday if the Government or police failed to salvage the situation.

Isa mentioned calling the police to evacuate a man that was dropped at the radio station ground and have been around for some days now, declaring he would commit suicide.

However, the police responded and said they were not in charge of suicide cases, thereby leaving the man’s face to the ordinary president.

Ahmed revealed that the unidentified man had been sliding under the vehicles of unsuspecting visitors at the programme’s venue with the hope that someone would crush him to death.

Ordinary Ahmed Recounts Moves by Saboteurs

He recalled the British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC incident where his case was widely reported, his image and reputation almost completely tarnished for expressing anger on a live set.

It would be recalled that OrdinaryAhmed had a physical altercation with a woman, triggered by her barbaric actions of burning a child’s head alive.

Since then, the Human Rights Activist has been mindful of his actions and treads with caution, which is why he is avoiding any foul play on the part of the Government or any saboteur that wants the programme’s downfall.

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