Curvy Lady Called Queen Candida Turns Head With Waist Dance, Gathers 15m TikTok Likes, Sweet Video Goes Viral

A lady named Queen Candida on TikTok has gone viral due to her peculiar beauty and the way she dances.

Queen Candida whose other name is Paulina is from Angola and has turned into a TikTok sensation, gathering many video views.

She is now being compared to Kelly, another TikToker who also went viral for her sensational beauty and dance skills.

A massively beautiful young lady known on TikTok as @queencandida is currently turning heads online after her powerful dance video emerged.

Queen Candida has garnered millions of TikTok likes due to her beauty and the way she dances in her viral videos.

Queen Candida and TikTok popularity

As of the last count, Queen Candida has garnered more than 15 million TikTok likes and currently boasts of 961k followers.

Her videos are massively viewed especially the ones she uses to display her cool dance moves.

Candida dances Uzu Mokonzi inside kitchen

In a recent video, the beautiful young lady was seen dancing to Uzu Mkonzi inside the kitchen, displaying her body. She dances with her waist, turning around and sticking out her tongue like Kelly. The video is currently making the rounds on TikTok.

Watch the video :

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