Camera Catches Moment Motel Housekeeper Pulls Back Messy Stranger’s Sheets

Josh Gibson and Kyle Oreffice were staying in a motel and decided to leave a surprise for their housekeeper. Not wanting to miss her reaction, they set up hidden cameras in the room to capture the moment.

YouTubers Kyle and Josh make heartwarming content featuring their generosity and people’s reactions, and this time was no different. They messed up the hotel room near Park City, Utah, then left $500 for the maid to find when she was cleaning up.

They faked leaving their room, then lay in wait for the young woman to find their surprise. The diligent housekeeper went into the room and immediately got to work, and it was not long before she found what the duo had left for her. Her reaction was nothing short of amazing. The unnamed housekeeper was touted by the motel owner as an incredibly hard worker who started working at the establishment by chance.

She had come to stay at the motel when she noticed the “Now Hiring” sign, which the owner had put up because they’d lost a maid just as they were about to start their busiest season of the year.

So, out of desperation, he hired her, not knowing that it would be a blessing for both of them.

She efficiently cleaned the rooms as instructed, and when she was asked to do laundry, she ran the wash and went on to organize the laundry supply area, making it more efficient. Unsurprisingly, the YouTube video went viral, warming the hearts of all the people who watched it.

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