Businessman shattered as sales girl vanishes with all his money 3 months after hiring her

A Nigerian man has been left in pains following a tragedy that befall him after hiring a sales girl who swindled him.

He had employed the girl before leaving town for an appointment and left his business in her care, only for her to steal all his money.

A friend to the victim, took to his Twitter account, @Dexterouz11, to share the story as he revealed that the man’s business crashed as a result of the fraud.

He said the wanted lady had also used her boss as a guarantor to obtain a huge loan without his consent.

She disappeared with the money she made from selling her employer’s goods and the money she took from a loan company.

Till date, the victim is still searching for the lady and his business has also crashed as a result of the fraud.

The Twitter user also revealed that the loan shark have been pestering her friend for the refund of the money being that the sales girl used him as guarantor.

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