“After Doctor Said My Wife Delivered 4 Babies, I Told Them I Need To Buy Something Outside” – Father

In the early hours of today, a man named Abdullahi Cisse was granted an interview by the Punch Newspaper. During the interview, he narrated his ordeal after his wife birthed four babies in the hospital.

The Father of quadruplets said, “after Doctor said my wife delivered four (4) babies, I told them I need to buy something outside.” He continued, “immediately I stepped outside, I boarded a bike and headed to the border in badagry, Lagos state. When I was about to cross the border, I saw my friend who has been tracking my movement since I left the hospital.”

He said, “my friend was the one who told me not to worry about raising the children. He told them they are God’s glory and I should not worry over their upkeep.”

When the father of quadruplets was asked why he decided to escape after his wife’s delivery, he said, “all I had on me was three thousand five hundred naira (N3,500). I was thinking of how I will take care of them. I was just sad and I started crying.”

When asked if he had any child before, he responded, “I don’t have any. This is the first birth of my wife.”

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