Activist Deji Reacts To The Election Of 25Year Old Mohammed Sulaiman As PDP Youth Leader

It was reported yesterday that a 25 year old Mohammed Sulaiman, was elected as the youth leader of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. The election of this young and vibrant Nigerian as the youth leader of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, surprised many and aswell caused several Nigerians to react differently.

Based on that note, a well known human rights activist, Adeyanju Deji decided to speak. While speaking, Adeyanju Deji made it known that it seems like PDP may be ready to change, making it known that he is very much surprised after the party elected a 25 year old as its youth leader.

Speaking further, he stated that the other older contestant had more influence and big names supporting him, but the younger man got the post.

This is really a welcome development. With the election of this 25 year old Mohammed Sulaiman, it seems like the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP may get it right in 2023. But we have to wait patiently till then, so as to see how things will eventually turn out to be.

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