A Couple Opened A Wedding Gift After 9 Years, And It Changed Their Marriage

At most weddings, the bride and groom are inundated with presents from the guests at the ceremony. Brandon and Kathy Gunn could certainly relate to that, as they received any number of gifts on their big day. But close to a decade later, the pair still had one unwrapped present in their wardrobe.

Stood out from the crowd

Yup, when Northville, Michigan, residents Brandon and Kathy got married, they had 300 guests attending the ceremony in Jackson, Michigan. And while the couple was given plenty of gifts that were loved and carefully curated, the one from Kathy’s great aunt Alison stood out from the rest.

Mystery box

Great aunt Alison had actually handed over a box with some very specific instructions attached to it. “Do not open until your first disagreement,” read the note from the bride’s relative. And the couple respected her request and left the gift unopened. So as time went on, the contents remained a mystery.

Years passed

But two years after the wedding, Kathy and Brandon still hadn’t opened the box. This left great aunt Alison somewhat surprised. “She looked at us like we were crazy,” Kathy told ABC News in September 2016. “My mom was like, ‘Kathy, what if there’s food in there or something?’”

The secret inside

“We did ask [Alison] to make sure there wasn’t anything perishable in there or time-sensitive,” Kathy explained. Following that conversation, however, the present remained unopened for another few years. The couple even became parents during that period. And in addition to taking on that new responsibility, they also moved house a number of times as well.

Mystery deepens

Despite all the stresses and strains that came with these developments, though, Kathy and Brandon refused to open great aunt Alison’s gift. But the Northville resident later explained why she and her partner were so reluctant to discover the contents of the box. “My husband and I are both very competitive people,” Kathy revealed.

Special surprise

“We love a challenge,” Kathy continued. “The presentation itself was very unique, and it’s not the typical gift. We kind of set it aside because it was special to us.” However, close to a decade on from their wedding, the couple finally relented in May 2016 and ended the mystery once and for all.

An end to the mystery

Such was the significance of this decision, in fact, that Kathy took to Facebook to recall the moment in great detail. In an interesting twist, it all stemmed from a conversation about another wedding ceremony. “Tonight, we tucked our kids in bed and my husband and I enjoyed a glass of wine on the deck,” she wrote on the social media site.

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