8-Year-Old Boy Wakes Up To ‘Groaning Noise’ Outside Window, Did What Others Wouldn’t

An 8-year-old boy is being called a “hero” after he saved his 81-year-old neighbor’s life.

Caleb Hunt is a third grader at Carolyn Lewis Elementary School in Conway, Arkansas. One day, he woke up early before school and heard groaning coming from outside.

“I looked out the window and saw Mrs. Watson on the floor of her garage,” Caleb told the Log Cabin Democrat.

Sue Watson, 81, lives next door to Caleb and sometimes brings Caleb and his younger sister treats for special occasions. Caleb knows her as their “very nice” next door neighbor.

When the 8-year-old spotted Watson laying on the floor of her garage, he immediately got up to go help. He ran outside barefoot, breaking his parents’ rule to never leave the house without first telling an adult. However, his quick reaction may have saved his neighbor’s life.

Watson says she was walking through her garage to take out the trash and when she turned around to go back into the house, she got dizzy and fell.

Caleb says that as he looked out his window and saw Watson, cars were driving by without their drivers stopping to see if she was OK.

“At first I got mad and started feeling like I should run over there and help,” he said. And that’s just what he did.

After Caleb went over to check on Watson, he ran back home and told his mother, who then called 911.

Watson was taken to the hospital, where she recovered from the incident and said that Caleb may have saved her life. According to KARK, she broke her hip in the fall.

“He showed a lot of kindness for a little boy,” Watson said.

Sue’s daughter-in-law, Cindy Watson, said that the Hunts have been good neighbors to her mother-in-law, adding, “We told Caleb he’s our hero.”

Caleb’s father, Greg Hunt, told the Log Cabin Democrat that the “act of kindness shows just the type of character” his son has.

Readers shared their thoughts about the story on Facebook.

Thank you. You, young man, are my idea of a hero,” one reader commented. “I hope you continue to grow in wisdom and kindness. The world definitely needs more people like you and your parents.”

You should be so proud of what you did to help your neighbor in need,” another user wrote. “God Bless you and your parents for raising a fine young man.god Bless your neighbor for a speedy recovery.”

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