“I Started to Choke Up. Can I Pray for You?”: Stranger Prays for Walmart Truck Driver Keeping America in ‘Good Hands’

“I was grabbing a few items at Walmart– trying to get in and out…

It wasn’t too crowded.

During the quick trip- I grabbed some milk in the back cooler, and turned to head toward the checkout.

I noticed a man standing near the Hostess display watching shoppers clear the shelves.

He was wearing a starched blue uniform, and a hat. His hands were rough… It looked like he put in a good day’s work.

He wore a smile.

“Kinda crazy isn’t it?” – I asked, referring to the shelves that were quickly becoming sparse…

“It is…” he said with a chuckle. “I’ve never seen anything quite like this.”

I noticed a patch on his uniform, but couldn’t read it from the safe “social distance.”

“What do you do for a living?” I asked.

“I’m a Walmart Truck Driver.”


For some reason I can’t explain- I started to choke up.

“You’re a hero…” I said.

“Oh no- really. I’m just doing my job. We’ll be OK.”

We shared a conversation about his long days on the road – how vital his work is to our present predicament as a Nation… and how he is now greeted and received by the public as he carries a truckload of food and supplies to stores…how more people now have a whole new appreciation for his line of work.

It’s more than a job these days. It’s a mission.

He told me his wife says prayers for him while he’s on the road.. and how he knows those prayers keep him safe.

I felt compelled to ask- “Can I pray for you?”

He happily agreed…

I prayed aloud:

“Dear Lord- thank you for this man… and the critical job he is doing to help during this crisis. Keep him safe and healthy. Bless him and his wife. We pray that this situation our country faces would soon pass with Your divine help. In Jesus name- Amen.”

He offered a prayer for me too, for which I was grateful.

And with that I headed to the checkout.

The encounter reminded me we are certainly in good hands in this country… because of guys just like this.

Doing incredible work- without fanfare, to benefit us all.”

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