I Know I’m going to Die! Dying Dad Knows He Won’t See His Daughter Grow Up—So He Records This Heart-Throbbing Message

Nick Magnotti, the young man in this video, was 24 years old when he was first diagnosed with a rare form of cancer – Mucinous Adenocarcinoma. It began in his appendix and gradually spread throughout his abdominal cavity. Through all the treatments, surgeries, intense chemotherapy, and hours and hours of excruciating pain, Nick continued to smile. He was only 27 years old when he lost his battle against cancer, but before passing away he left this video for his precious 7 month old daughter sharing how much he loved her. He passed away 3 months after filming the video, but he left something that will be cherished forever.

“The relationship that I’ve developed. The amount that I’ve gotten to know God. I just wish that everyone could experience what I feel. I just feel so blessed,” Magnotti says in his video.

“I just feel lucky that even in experiencing this pain that I’m getting opportunity to change lives, in the Lord’s name, I’m getting the opportunity to help people.”

Throughout the video, Magnotti testifies of his belief in God and expresses his gratitude for what God has given him.

“I’m not scared of death. You can say, being a Christian, that you’re not scared of death because you know you’re going to a better place. But, it’s human nature to want to be scared,” Magnotti said. “I know why I don’t feel scared. I know it’s because God has given me this peace and this blessing.”

Just talking to God about how I know that even if I’m not here, that he’s her Father, that he’s going to take care of her, he’s going to protect her, he’s going to watch out for her, he’s going to provide for her.”– Nick Magnotti.

Sadly, Nick passed away. Alyssa writes on her blog (January 9, 2014), “Nick passed peacefully Tuesday morning, in my arms, after a 2.5 year battle with Appendix Cancer at the age of 27. The last 48 hours without him have been a blur and an intense roller coaster of extreme ups and terrible, terrible downs. I am elated that he is with Jesus and finally cancer free but I am also heartbroken for me.”

“Though this is the worst thing that I could have possibly imagined to happen to me and my baby girl, God is ever-present. He is here, and though I do not understand his ways, I am choosing to trust. I hope that you can, too.”

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