8-Year-Old Girl Tells People at School That Her Mom Is Her Sister

The mother of an eight-year-old girl was shocked to find out that her daughter had informed her classmates that they were siblings. Since the truth got out, the 8-year-old has been mad with her parents.

The relationship between parents and their kids has been described as intense. Sometimes, parents find it hard to understand why their kids act the way they do.

Recently, a young mom and her boyfriend found out that their daughter had lied to her friends in school that her mom was her sister. Here’s what happened.

Union was 16 when she and her boyfriend Jack, 18, found out that they were pregnant with their first child. Although it was unplanned, their families embraced them with open arms and offered to raise the baby.

Union and Jack continued their education and romance, hoping to get married when they were able to afford a better life for their kid. Their daughter Summer grew up under the care of Union’s mom, Shane.

Summer is now eight and in third grade, while Union and Jack are 24 and 26, respectively. Most of the time, Shane picks up the 8-year-old from school and her rehearsal.

Although Union and her little girl get along, she barely picks her up from school. Occasionally, when she does, she feels somewhat weird about how other parents treat her.

Other parents and Summer’s classmates address her as Summer’s sister and not her mom. Even when she corrects them, it is obvious on their faces that they do not believe her.

Recently, one of the 8-year-old’s classmates explained to Union that Summer told them that she was her older sister and Shane her mom. Shocked, the 24-year-old noted that she was Summer’s mom and not her sister.

Other third-grade students and their parents got to know about it, and this angered the 8-year-old. Confused, Union and her boyfriend Jack tried to think of a reason why their little girl would deny them as her parents and claim they were siblings.

Some of their friends pointed out that Summer might be embarrassed with how young they are compared to how mature other parents from her class look.

Another friend explained that the 8-year-old might have gotten used to Shane being known as her mom or is worried her friends might find out that her parents were teenage parents.

Union and Jack tried confronting Summer about her actions, but she seemed mad at them and would not talk to them. While Jack dropped her off at school, she continued the silent treatment. How best do you think this can be handled?

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