“Work Hard And Bring Him”: Husband Sends His Wife Abroad, Stays Back Home, Woman Shares Cute Video

A devoted husband has sent his wife to Europe while he remains at home because they do not have enough money for both of them to travel.

His contented wife has shared a touching video in which she expresses her gratitude for having such a selfless husband.

TikTok users who have seen the video are amazed, and they have also lavished praise on the woman’s husband.

A Ugandan woman is full of praise for her husband after he sent her abroad and chose to stay in Uganda.

According to the woman, it has always been her dream to travel to Europe, and her husband has made her dreams come true.

In a short video she shared on TikTok , the young lady said there was no money for both of them to travel together since her husband decided to sacrifice for her.

She wrote in the video:

“My husband didn’t have enough money for both of us to go to Europe. So he sent me alone while he remained in Uganda, since it has always been my dream to go to Europe. I’m trying to enjoy without him but I miss him already.”

TikTok users react

The video she posted on TikTok has gone viral and attracted other users who rushed to the comment section to analyse it. See some of their comments below:

@yondis2015 said:

“I hope you work hard and bring him as well.”

Tina & Oskar commented:

“Awww, this made me tear, now that’s true love.”

@cidygatwiri commented:

“Your very strong woman…l can’t even sleep without my husband …l don’t know what wrong with me.”

@Hanjialing said:

“You are lucky to have a nice man.”

@ProudMufumbira commented:

“keep him at heart… never forget him. He is a kind u keep as a friend.”

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