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Remorseless Elderly Woman Kills 8-Year-Old Girl, Judge’s Lenient Sentence Sparks Outrage

77-year-old Gloria Bartek was driving out of the Mary Queen of the Apostles Parish in Brook Park when her Chevy Cruz crashed into eight-year-old Khloe Nida, who was in the yard of her home across the street.

The third-grader was reportedly taking milk to her grandparents when the fatal crash occurred.

A judge sentenced Bartek to three-day jail sentences to be served each year from September 8 – the anniversary of the fatal crash

Bartek, who pled no contest to the misdemeanor charge of negligent vehicular homicide, had her license suspended for five years and was fined $500.

The car apparently had no mechanical issues, and Bartek apparently failed to step on her brakes or honk as the vehicle went across the street and hit the girl.

Bartek received a light sentence despite not apologizing to Nida’s parents, who are still devastated by their daughter’s death.

W. Craig Bashein, Nida family’s lawyer, called Bartek’s “lack of remorse… incomprehensible.”

The family are pursuing a civil lawsuit in the hopes that it will provide more answers into how the tragedy occurred

“Khloe was my best friend, we did everything together,” Nida’s mother Amanda Nida said in court, sobbing, prior to sentencing.

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