Husband Returns Home Early and Hears Someone Moving in the Closet – Story of the Day

Antoine and Josie have been married for five years with no children yet. Both are focused on their careers — Antoine is a businessman while Josie runs a small online business and stays home most of the time.

Like any couple, the pair have occasional quarrels but always make amends by day’s end. When free, they try to spend as much time together as possible since Antoine was a very busy man.

One day, while on a business trip in a different state, Antoine wrapped up his deal ahead of time and decided to fly home immediately and surprise his wife. But as it turned out, he was the one who experienced the shock of his life.

Antoine came in the middle of the night and opened the door of the house. As he approached the bedroom, he heard a commotion and quick footsteps running across the room. Upon opening the door, he saw Josie awaking and breathing heavily under the sheets

“Honey, you’re back so soon,” she said. “I’m so happy you came. I just had a nightmare and couldn’t sleep.” Antoine believed his wife and was about to leave the room to get a glass of water downstairs when he heard a sound from the closet. Something inside moved.

Josie apologized and reassured antoine that she would never do such a thing.

He looked at his wife, who had a frightened expression on her face, and realized she was probably hiding a lover in the closet. It made perfect sense since Josie didn’t expect that Antoine would be back sooner than expected.

Antoine started shouting that he would kill the man while approaching the closet. Josie tried to stop her husband and asked him not to kill him, but Antoine told his wife to stay out of it. As he made his way to the closet and angrily opened it, Antoine saw a fluffy gray cat.

He was quite surprised to see a cat and not a man. “You bought a cat?” Antoine asked. “No dear, I know you hate cats. This is Harry. He’s my friend, Abby’s, cat,” Josie replied. Her husband paused for a second before asking why Harry was in their home. She answered:

“It’s just that Abby was advised to have four days of complete rest and asked me to take care of him. I know you’re against cats in the house, but I thought you wouldn’t be back until tomorrow. Abby was set to pick him up tomorrow morning.”

Still in disbelief, Antoine asked why Josie placed the cat in the closet. She said that Harry was scared to sleep in a new house, so she took him to bed, but as soon as she heard Antoine walk in, she panicked. “My reflex was to hide him in the closet. I’m sorry. Please don’t throw him out,” Josie said.

Her husband agreed that Harry could stay the night, but Harry had to sleep on the floor. He added, “I already thought you were cheating on me and had a lover in the closet. I was ready to kill someone.” Josie apologized and reassured Antoine that she would never do such a thing.

What can we learn from Antoine and Josie’s story?

Never hide anything from your loved ones, even if they may not like it. Often, they do not react as we expect because they love us.

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