From Sleeping outside to One Room: Nigerian Man Flaunts His New Place with Few Properties in Viral Photos

A young Nigerian man has stirred mixed reactions on social media as he celebrated getting a new place to stay.

Sharing photos of a bed covered with a mosquito net, the man suggested that he slept outside before now as he had no place of his own then.

The excited man shared videos and pictures of the look of his new apartment with some properties in it
Netizens have celebrated a young man identified as Korkaue Birah on moving into an apartment of his own.

The Nigerian had taken to Twitter to share the new feat with photos of where he slept before alongside his new abode.

In the first frame Korkaue shared, a bed placed outside was covered with a mosquito net.

In the new pictures and videos, a bed, standing fan, wardrobe, small fridge, home theatre amongst other items could be seen in the room.

Though not fully furnished, his new abode his better compared to the first frame he had shared as his abode.

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