You Are so Beautiful: White woman Begs black Lady To Allow Her Take a Photo After Seen Her Beauty (Video)

A heartwarming video making the rounds on social media has captured the moment a white woman got starstruck after seeing a black woman.

In a video shared by @brcworldwide on Instagram, the oyinbo woman was first seen telling her followers via the phone that she just met an African beauty.

There is a girl behind me that looks like an actual model. She is so beautiful. I want to show you guys what she looks like”, she said in the video.

Shortly after, she couldn’t hold it in anymore and she quickly approached the black lady to take a photo.

In her words: “Hi I want to take a photo of you and show my followers cause you’re really beautiful and I want to show them. Oh my God I’m in shock.”

Reacting to her request, the black lady asked if she takes good photos, and the white woman responded in affirmation. The beautiful black girl subsequently permitted her to take as many photos or videos she desires.

Watch Video Below:

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