Touching Story Of Bride who Ran Mad on Wedding Day & Now Crawls as She Can’t Walk with Legs (Video)

What was supposed to be a day of joy in a bride’s life turned to sorrow as the lady ran mad on her wedding day.

Now unable to walk uprightly, the 38-year-old lady named Faina crawls after recovering from the mental impairment suffered at her wedding.

Her family is now appealing to good-spirited and kindhearted individuals to help provide Faina with a wheelchair

A Rwandan family is appealing to the public to help get their 38-year-old daughter, Faina, a wheelchair. Faina’s story is one of a lady whose life witnessed a drastic downturn as she ran mad on her wedding day 18 years ago.

Faina was the breadwinner of the family In a chat with Afrimax, her father, 75, identified as Nzanzurwimo Kaitan stated that his daughter was born normal and walked with her feet but crawls today.

Faina moved to the city in search of greener pastures after failing to complete her studies due to lack of money. In the city, she got a job as a house help and took on the role of the family’s breadwinner as the job paid her well.

In the course of the job, the lady met a man and fell in love with him. The then 20-year-old lady returned to the village for final wedding preparations and that was when her problem started.

Faina’s wedding didn’t hold Her father said that something weird happened on her wedding day.

She started having headaches, felt dizzy and started running mad in the streets. Faina could not talk and could not walk, so she started crawling.” Faina was rushed to the hospital and the wedding was called off. The lady recovered but things got worse.

Speaking on the sad events of that fateful day, Faina’s elder sister named Mushimiyimana Alphonsine while blaming dark powers for what happened to her sister said: “As we were getting ready for the wedding she got ill.

Her legs then folded themselves and she could no longer walk again.” Her would-be husband got married three years after the incident and now has two kids.

Watch the video below:

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