She is a Queen: Viral Video Shows Adorable Baby Girl Who Refused to Smile As People Sing Birthday Song to Her

A cute baby went viral after her video showing her unimpressed reaction during her birthday left netizens in stitches.

The birthday girl, Amira Mae, was captured in the hilarious clip by her.

mum looking emotionless as people sang the birthday song to her Netizens could not help but wonder why the gorgeous princess was not happy as some suggested she did not like the song

Whenever someone sings a happy birthday song to a child, the kids would always be happy, even if it is not yet their birthday.

It was not the case for a little girl who seemed unimpressed on her special day as her lovely mother and friends sang the birthday song as she turned a year old.

Unimpressed cute

baby In the hilarious clip shared by Mariam, the cute girl’s mother, on her Instagram page, Amira, the birthday girl, was not looking elated.

Amira, dressed in a lovely dress, sat comfortably on a chair as everyone else sang the familiar celebratory song to her.

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