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School Boy ‘Scared’ to Return Back to School After Bullies Beat And Leave His Face in Bruises

A 12-year-old boy was let bleeding and covered in bruises after being beaten by bullies after school. Majeka Majewska, says son Oskar was attacked by bullies who earlier had pushed him into the undergrowth.

“Last week they pushed him into some bushes, and on Monday, he came back home like this,” she said. Majeka says she was left in tears after getting a call from Oskar and going to pick hoim up from his friend’s home.

She said: “The phone call was quick. I got in my car in a panic. Deep down I thought maybe it’s not as bad, but when he stepped out of his friend’s house and I saw his nose bleeding and his face bruised all over, I cried.”

Oskar’s mum said the Year 7 pupil was walking home from school and he was attacked by two bullies – who made derogatory comments about his Polish heritage, reports YorkshireLive.

The Year 7 pupil told his mum he was previously thrown into a bush by two pupils, before later having water thrown at him and being left with bruises and a nose bleed.

She added: “We are devastated. They took his water bottle from his backpack and poured water all over him, which other students saw. They also tried to take his shoes off, he said.

“They attacked him not just physically but also verbally and projected hate speech upon his country of origin. Oscar was born in Poland but we moved over here when he was nine months old.

“They have been purposely targeting him on his breaks for days now. The school have also asked Oskar if they are bullying him. I am absolutely heartbroken.”

In pictures, Oskar can be seen with a bruise around his eye socket, and a cut in the middle of his nose. He also has a large bruise on his right cheek. His mum added: “It’s disgusting name calling, as well as death threats. It all starts at home. Teach your kids mutual respect, not hatred.”

Oskar’s mum said he has been off school since it happened and is set to return on Monday (June 20), but is “scared”. She added: “He is meant to be back on Monday and he’s dreading it.”

Majeka contacted South Yorkshire Police. She has also sought help from Oskar’s school.

Oskar is set to return to school a week after the incident, but is ‘dreading it’, his mum said.

A spokesperson for Netherwood Academy said: “While it wouldn’t be appropriate to provide specific details on individual cases, we will always thoroughly investigate any concerns raised by students and/or families, and ensure we have the right measures in place to safeguard our students. Safeguarding is our number one priority, and we will always do everything we can to make sure that our school is a welcoming and safe place for our students and staff.”

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