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Restaurant Staffs Dragged And Wrestle With a Man For Eating And Refusing To Pay, But Wanted to Run Away (Video)

Restaurant workers grapple with a diner accused of walking out on his bill
Staff at the Chinese restaurant in Adelaide placed the diner in a headlock
Video of the ugly incident has sparked a divided reaction on social media
Restaurant staff at a busy Chinese eatery have wrestled with a diner who allegedly walked out after refusing to pay his bill worth hundreds of dollars.

Dramatic video captured the moment fed-up waiters at Chinatown restaurant on Gouger Street in Adelaide, pounced on the man in a yellow hoodie about 9.30pm on Wednesday, placing him in a headlock.

Three men and a woman can be seen struggling with the diner outside the restaurant as a voice can be heard yelling ‘stop it’.

The 33-year-old man was charged with theft and will face court later this month

Commenters on social media largely praised the workers for standing their ground, while others slammed them for making the daring citizen’s arrest.

‘Family owned small business – they would be working their butts off day and night to stay in business and feed their families,’ one noted.

Watch Video below:

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