My Husband Divorced Me After 2 Months Of Marriage Because I Have No Hair On My Body – Woman Narrates

Kampire Joshepa, a 28-year-old Afrimax interviewee, describes how her spouse divorced her after only two months of marriage because she had no hair on her body.

In the conversation, Afrimax learned that Josepha’s father died soon after he shaved her head with a blade when she was five years old. Stranger still, after his death, Josepha’s eyelashes and eyebrows began to fall out until she was entirely bald.

Men dislike Josepha because she has no hair on her body, and they avoid her. In addition to the continual mockery, she described her existence as “disappointing and depressing.”

Ikitegetse Patricia, Josepha’s grandma, told Afrimax that she did everything to heal her granddaughter’s unusual sickness, including taking her to the hospital, church, and even a conventional doctor. No one, however, was able to assist her.

To avoid remaining alone and never having children, Josepha married, but he eventually abandoned her after hearing false accusations about her.

Josepha’s husband ended their two-month marriage because he thought she was ugly because she had no hair on her body.

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