Moment Beautiful Female Flight Attendants Dance Cutely with Their Waists inside The Plane (Video)

Social media users have shared their thoughts on a video of two female flight attendants dancing on duty.

The ladies smartly dressed in their occupation’s uniform faced each other as they had a nice dance time in an aeroplane.

One of the ladies who some remarked was shy stepped back at some points in the video as her colleague ran the show .

Dancing is fast becoming an easy way for employees to liven their workplace and some people let in netizens into their nice dance time at work by uploading it on social media.

A video of two female flight attendants having a nice dance time in an aeroplane has stirred reactions on the net.

The showcase was ignited by one of the ladies identified as Athenia Paul on TikTok. The social media savvy Athenia from time to time shares videos of her activities at work and this one was one of them.

The beautiful ladies faced each other as they shook their waists before Athenia’s colleague retreated, allowing her to continue dancing alone..

In the cute video, Athenia faced the camera as she danced happily alone while her colleague turned spectator watched on.

Watch Video below

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