Man Tells His 2 Big Dogs To Sit, They Obey Him Immediately, Cute Video

A man, Antonio Diaz, with two dogs has amazed many people with how his pets obey his instructions.

While walking them, he said “free” and the dogs left him to go play until he called them to his side with the words “with me”

TikTok users who watched the video had many questions as some asked him to teach them the tricks he used in training the pets .

A man, Antonio Diaz, has shown the importance of teaching one’s dog the art of discipline. In a video, he demonstrated with his two dogs called Brooklyn and Logan.

The pet owner revealed that his dogs understand freedom and obedience in equal measure. He said that the dogs get more freedom because they always listen to him.

While walking Brooklyn and Logan, he asked them to sit and they did, despite the fact that the man was walking away from them…

Some metres away, he commanded “with me” and they rushed towards his sides. Whenever they listen to him, he appreciates them by saying “good babies”

Watch the video below:


Achieving this takes disciplining yourself to put in the work. There are no shortcuts in #dogtraing or #dogobedience #offleash #offleashdogs #freedogs #packleader

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