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Man Shuns Work, Stays Back Home to Raise His Kids After The Death of Wife Who Gave Birth To Triplets (Video)

A Ghanaian man has unfortunately lost his wife a day after giving birth to their triplet babies; one of the babies also died, leaving two behind.

In an interview, Edmund Tetteh Akrofi revealed that he has since been unable to return to work because he has to care for his son and daughter.

Edmund admitted that he misses his wife a lot but does his best to keep his composure because he was told twins do not like having sad people around them.

A Ghanaian widower, Edmund Tetteh Akrofi has recently opened up about life after losing his wife about a year ago.

The video sighted by on a

YouTube channel called Joy Learning TV Edmund revealed that his wife gave birth to triplets but lost one that day. The next day, however, his wife passed on

He admitted that life has not been easy since losing his partner, and he has not been able to report to work since then as he is left with the responsibility of raising his babies.

Edmund shared that he has nannies who care for the kids, but he does not know them personally and wants to be around them because they cannot be fully trusted.

He added that raising the children alone is terrible, and he misses his wife a lot. According to him, he was told ‘twins’ do not like having sad people around them, so he tries to keep his composure.

Watch the video below:

Man whose wife died after giving birth to triplets says he wanted to run away

After his wife gave birth to triplets and passed away, a Nigerian man from Ogun state said he wanted to run way.

The man identified as Kabir Owoyemi spoke in an emotioanl video, telling the sad story of how his wife passed on even though the delivery was successful.

Nigerian would later rally around the man who is a generator mechanic as people donated to help them out.

An NGO known as Givers Supportive Foundation visited the family and donated the sum of N1m to the children. The NGO also opened bank acounts for the three of them.

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