Man Dances Close to US Policemen, Falls on His Back During Performance, Officers Remain Unmoved in Video

A video has shown the moment a young man ‘dared’ some policemen by dancing very close to where they were huddled With a smiling face.

he made all his creative moves as the officers stayed put without reacting in any way Many people on TikTok praised him as some asked the young man to teach them his energetic dance stunt .

A young man has taken his dance creativity to another level. Known for always dancing to Rocking A Cardigan in Atlanta by lil Shordie Scott.

The young man reenacted his popular moves. In a viral video, he took his show to the presence of some police officers and danced without having any kind of fear.

Police officers mind their business When the man started dancing, a lady behind him was ‘awkward’ at first that he was performing in front of policemen.

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