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I Once Slept in a Mosque After a Church Rejected Me- Catholic Priests Says (Video)

A priest at St. Christopher’s Anglican Church, Rayfield, Jos, Plateau State, Reverend Venerable Yusuf Tunde, has revealed that he once slept in a mosque because he was not allowed to sleep in church by a pastor and his wife.

This was revealed in a sermon by the clergy, which was shared by Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere on Facebook.

Dr. Tunde stated that today’s generation of Christians are not fit to be in power because they are selfish.

According to him, when he was a Muslim, they were always told that every Muslim is their brother.

He said: “I keep hearing that people say a Christian needs to be in power and all of that.

“Sir, not with this kind of Christianity.

“A Christianity that is lame and weak?

“When I was a Muslim, there is a statement which says: ‘A Muslim is the brother of a Muslim.’

“I hate sharing this part of my story but I will share it here for emphasis sake.

“I was sent by the Archbishop somewhere and I got stranded on the way.

“I went to a church to tell them that I want to spend a night there till tomorrow.

“I heard the pastor and his wife seriously arguing inside not to allow me sleep in the church.

“Sir, I didn’t say I want to sleep in your house o.

“They didn’t allow me.

“I left that place and walked to a mosque for shelter.

“I told the Muslim I saw there that I wanted to spend a night.

“He allowed me because I disguised myself.

“All I said was: ‘Assalamualaikum.’

“I slept in the Mosque and I quickly left before their early morning prayers.

“Our self seeking and our self glorifying Christianity cannot put a Christian in power.

“We need to tell ourselves the truth.

“Everyone only cares about their territory.”

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