Homeless Man Gets Huge Sum of Money From Stranger After Offering to Hug Him, Video Melts Hearts

A homeless man got a surprise package from a stranger who came to sit with him by the roadside where he was.

The stranger pretended to be heartbroken and needed someone to console him because a close friend of his was leaving the country.

The man promptly offered to comfort the man, offering to hug him if that would make him feel better

A homeless man has received a huge sum of money from a stranger after comforting him with a warm hug.

The man was sitting alone when he was approached by a stranger who said a close friend of his was leaving the country and that he felt down because of that.

Do you need a hug? After the stranger told his story to the homeless man, he offered to hug him as a way to comfort him.

He also told the stranger not to worry that his friend would be back again. He proceeded to offer the stranger a warm hug.

The video has made many people emotional on Instagram where it was shared by @peterbond.

Watch the video below:

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