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Father Walks Son Past Group Of Bullies, Mocked For What He’s Wearing Under His Coat

A commercial for American Family Insurance went viral for its heartwarming story of a father supporting his the dreams of his son (video below).

In the clip, a young Hispanic boy is seen watching a flamenco dance routine on his phone. The boy’s father then enters the room and hands him a martial arts uniform. The boy seems uninterested in doing martial arts initially, but gets good at it as time goes on.

When the father accepts that his son has done well with martial arts, he surprises him with a flamenco outfit. The boy then walks down his neighborhood street in his new outfit, standing proud as he is met with laughs from bullies.

“This represents what being a father is all about,” one YouTube viewer commented. “More men should aspire to reach this standard.”

Watch the inspiring commercial below.

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