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Father Catches Babysitter Sexually Abusing His 1-Year-Old Daughter, Makes Him Pay The Price

26-year-old Missouri resident Jayson Newlun has been charged with statutory sodomy of a one-year-old girl after he was caught in the act by the child’s parents.

The girl’s parents had taken a trip to the store and left Newlun babysitting. However, the mother had forgotten her WIC food assistance folder at home, so they headed back to retrieve it.

She noticed that Newlun was not on the couch, and her daughter’s bedroom door was open. She allegedly saw him taking an inappropriate picture of her child when she walked in, and then he touched the child’s genitals while he inappropriately stroked himself.

According to court documents, Newlun screamed before he was attacked by the father, who then hit Newlun several times with a dresser drawer and punched him repeatedly.

According to the parents, they had only been gone five or ten minutes.

Probable cause documents revealed that Newlun was a family friend of the child’s parents, and had stayed overnight at the home.

KMBC News reported that the mother rushed to call her husband after she saw what was happening. A neighbor intervened and stopped the attack against Newlun.

The mother told police that she asked Newlun why he would do something like this.

He responded: “I do, too.”

Newlun is detained at the Clay County Detention Center on a $250,000 bond

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