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Even if You Refuse to Blame Biden For Breaking Everything, You Can Certainly Blame Him For Not Fixing Everything- Danny Tarkanian

On Saturday, US gasoline prices, a crucial cause of the country’s greatest inflation in 40 years, set a new high of $5 per gallon. There was no indication that they would be dropped any time soon, but Joe Biden stated on Saturday that he had “not yet” determined whether or not to fly to Saudi Arabia, a week after indicating that he may.

Many on the US right blame the high prices on the president. Others blame the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Democrats accuse oil companies of price gouging.

However Daniel George John Tarkanian an American attorney, businessman and perennial candidate for elective office has suggested that the even if John Biden is not directed criticized for causing outrageous inflation in the country and other unfavorable situation, but he must be blamed so for not fixing the situation after breaking it..

In his words’

Even if you refuse to blame Biden for breaking everything, you can certainly blame him for NOT FIXING anything.

His statement was however agreed upon by someone people who proclaimed that everything in January until Joe Biden decided to sign a pile of executive orders..

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