Elderly Couple Square it Out On The Dance Floor, Shake Bodies Like Teenagers in Sweet Video

Two love birds have been seen squaring it out on the dance floor, impressing social media users with their talent.

The couple who are said to be at least above 80 years shook their bodies like teenagers, dancing to a modern song.

The video of the dancing couple has gone viral and stirred massive social media reactions on Instagram where it was shared.

A couple joined hands recently to dish out an impressive performance on the dancing floor and many can’t seem to get enough of them. Each of the couples is said to be above 80 years old, but age doesn’t seem to be of any hindrance for them as they are very strong.

Strong and energetic The impressive couple shook their bodies, dancing energetically like young people. One of the best highlights of the dance video is the lean back performed by the couple.

It was like a competition, as they just engaged in fun and it has wowed social media users. Those who reacted agreed that each of the lovely couples is talented.

Watch the video below:

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