Donald Trump Knew He Lost The Election But still Tried to Overturn It And is “Dereliction of duty Would Be Talk About- Committee member says

But in January, Virginia’s newly elected Republican attorney general, Jason S. Miyares, fired him. Miyares denied that the decision was related to Heaphy’s role in the January 6 investigation, but Democrats accused him of taking the unusual move to further Trump’s efforts to undermine the congressional inquiry.

The upcoming January 6 committee hearing will focus on a deep dive that former President Donald Trump knew he lost the election but still tried to overturn it and his “dereliction of duty,” a committee member said.

Democratic Rep. Elaine Lurie told NBC’s “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd that the upcoming hearing will show how Trump tried to pressure local, state and federal officials to overturn the election, after baselessly claiming it was rigged against him.

“We’ve pieced together a very comprehensive tick-tock timeline of what he did,” The Virginia lawmaker said.

Lurie told Todd that it’s more accurate to say that the committee now has a timeline of what Trump was not doing before and during the insurrection than what he was doing.

There is a gap there that we have tried through these witnesses, we’ve interviewed a thousand witnesses and a lot of people who work directly in the White House for the president, in his immediate vicinity throughout the day,” she said.

“So we’ve pieced together a very comprehensive tick-tock timeline of what he did.”

The committee began its public hearings last week — piecing together Trump’s actions in prompting his supporters to march at the Capitol on Jan. 6, which included first-hand testimony from police officers who responded to the deadly riot.

She said during the 187 minutes Trump neglected his duty to act during the riots.

“This man had the microphone, he could speak to the whole country,” she said. “His duty was to stand up and say something and try to stop this. So we’ll talk about that, what I see to be his dereliction of duty.”

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