Donald Trump is Insane, His Advisors Know it, But Don’t Worry, His Electoral Falsehoods Damaged the Democracy- Miles Taylor

Former national security officer Miles Taylor discussed how former President Donald Trump’s electoral falsehoods damaged the institutional guardrails of American democracy on Monday’s episode of MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House.”

One of the most important points Taylor made to host Nicolle Wallace is that Trump knew what he was saying was incorrect but proceeded to say it anyhow.

“I made the error, Nicolle, of saying publicly, Trump is insane, his advisors know it, but don’t worry, there are people around him who know it,” Taylor stated, alluding to his anonymous op-ed in The New York Times from 2018.

“That was incorrect. The democratic checkpoints were weak. Trump demolished them piece by piece, and those who were there at the end already knew it. They were well aware that the

“What they should have done is come out sooner and made that clear once they knew it and we have grand examples of that in the post-election period,” said Taylor. “My good friend who you have had on this program many times, Chris Krebs, was the one we appointed to lead election security. Chris came out publicly, he was the one person most qualified in the entire federal government to say whether the election was secure or not, he went out and said it, Trump fired him, but Trump knew years before the 2020 election that this election would be secure because we briefed him on it.”

Taylor emphasized this point, making clear that Trump had intelligence that debunked all of his election conspiracy theories — and disregarded all of it.

“I was there when we told him we were putting in place the preparations to make 2018 and 2020 the two most secure elections in American history,” said Taylor. “What did he do? He conveniently forgot that information and started to seize the narrative that it might be stolen from him so he could perpetuate this fraud on the American people and so that he wouldn’t look like a loser. That’s the one thing he cares most about, it’s not upholding his constitutional oath, but trying to not look like a loser, and as a result, we’re suffering the corrosion of our democratic institutions.”

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