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Couple seen walking stark Naked was under the influence of drugs, Tried to End it all (Video)

The couple who was seen waking around stark [email protected] in VGC, Lagos, on Sunday night, June 12, was under the influence of dr#gs, and also tried to end it all, it has emerged.

According to the chairman of the landlords’ association in the neighborhood, “On Sunday, on our close, at about 11 pm, the Vice-Chairman called my attention to an ugly situation whereby two adults; male and female were seen walking around the estate completely [email protected]

Our estate security and management personnel accompanied them to the BQ where they resided. The situation soon got out of hand when both adults sl#t their writs and necks in what seemed to be a su##ide attempt, saying they would d#e and rise again in three days.

The girl is a full American that came in from the US in October to experience the 5th dimension with the guy. The hospital said they were both on Colorado, Canadian Loud, aka Mkpuru Mmiri.”

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