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Bring It On! Two Men Fight, Throw Kicks And Punches At The Swimming Pool in Texas (Video)

This is the moment two men duked it out in swim trunks by the side of a pool in a clip that has gone viral on social media.

The bust-up happened between the holidaymakers in a family resort in Houston, Texas, over the weekend.

Video shows the pair grappling before the man in gray swim trunks gets thrown towards the pool grab rails, almost losing his balance and falling into the pool.

After regaining his balance, he yells: ‘Come on bruh, bring it on.’

He steadies himself before squaring up to the bearded man in green swim trunks, ducking under his first punch and half-landing a blow himself.

They push apart and the man in gray trunks stumbles again, catching a punch in the face when he darts forwards.

A bottle of liquor can be seen left by the pool behind them.

He dodges the next punch and the two start grappling for a split second.

The bearded man holds up his hands, saying: ‘You better stop’.

But his rival isn’t having it, yelling back: ‘You came after me you m*****f****r.’

The bearded man tries to walk away from the violence, backing away and holding his hands in the air.

The next clip, which is cut, shows the gray-haired man running at him swinging his fist.

But the bearded man dodges the blow, smacking his attacker on his way down as he trips.

Leaning over his foe, the man in green trunks starts to pummel the other, landing punches left and right while the other holidaymaker takes the beating.

He goes for the legs, trying to drag the bearded man down, but ends up catching even more hits to the back of his head while he tries to get up.

At last getting up, he nearly finds himself caught in a headlock before he’s able to wriggle free.

The two men grapple before toppling into some nearby hotel chairs.

The fight is eventually broken up by a man dressed in black. It is unclear what prompted the punch-up.

The video was shared on Twitter which has so far racked up 2.9million views, with comments flooding in.

Dad bods gone wild,’ one person joked.

‘Time stamp say 48 seconds but this felt like 2 hours,’ said another Twitter user.

One user said: ‘This is what happens when someone who doesn’t know how to fight, fights someone who REALLY doesn’t know how to fight.’

‘I’ve seen six graders better at fighting than those guys,’ said another social media user.

Another viewer said: ‘Ah…the beginning of sea lion mating season…’

Watch Video below:

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