Boy Found Starving At Just 25 Pounds, Police Horrified To Learn What He’s Been Eating

A Florida mother was arrested after police found her 5-year-old son severely neglected and underweight.

Naomie Hall, a 24-year-old Volusia County mother, was arrested after police responded to a call about possible child neglect. Authorities said that the 5-year-old boy was found dehydrated with thin with dry skin, and was eating small pieces of old cereal on the living room floor when he was discovered.

Hall told investigators that she hadn’t given her son medications that were prescribed and that she went several days before attempting to feed him. The boy was unable to stand, walk or speak, WKMG reported, so the mother knew he was hungry when he began chewing on his hands.

The boy reportedly never received any form of education and wasn’t taught how to communicate. He was taken into custody by Child Protective Services and examined, leading authorities to discover that he weighed just 24.9 pounds and was “not even on the growth chart.”

The boy was then taken to Halifax Hospital where doctors determined that he hadn’t been bathed in “quite a while” and that he was covered in orange blisters. He was also dehydrated and malnourished.

Hall was charged with child neglect causing great harm.

“How long was it between visits from Child Protective Services. He couldn’t have become in this condition in only a couple of weeks ! !..I think CPS is partly to blame for this poor child’s condition.! !…Sounds like CPS dropped the ball again ! ! The child’s parents need to go to jail for a long time, unless they get one of these sympathetic judges we are hearing so much about lately,” one reader commented on Facebook.

“I want to know why the father wasn’t instantly facing the same charges as the mother. He was just as responsible for making sure that child ate, bathed and was loved as the mother was. This bit of not knowing if he will face charges is ignorant, he’s just as guilty as she is,” another wrote.

“The mother looks well fed. In what world would you think you only have to feed a child every 3 or 4 days. If this has been since birth there is a good chance she has affected his mental capabilities for the rest of his life due to lack of nutrients while developing. They deserve (both of them as I’m assuming [the father] was not blind) life with no parole. They gave their son a life sentence,” another added.

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