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American Lady ‘Regains Her Senses’ 3 Days After Fraudster Used ‘Voodoo’ to Bring her to Africa, Left Stranded (Video)

There was mild drama in Badagry area of Lagos, on Wednesday morning, June 15, after an American lady reportedly ‘regained her senses’ three days after a Yahoo boy used ‘juju’ to bring her from California, USA to Nigeria.

It was gathered that the lady claimed she came into the country three days ago but didn’t know how the boy was able to convince her to come.

She was said to have been camped by the boy in his house in Badagry, although she didn’t know what and how she got there.

According to a source, fi#ht broke out after the lady seized the boy and demanded to know how she got to his house and why. Onlookers were said to have intervened in the matter and the duo were taking to the home of the Baale.

Watch the video below:

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