2-Year-Old Boy Refuses to Give Mum Ice Cream, Licks It Like Adult

A 2-year-old boy got Tiktok users talking massively after a video of him refusing to give his mum ice cream surfaced on the platform.

Ice cream never tasted so well in the mouth of the boy as he enjoyed it with massive relish, eating it like a grown adult.

The video has gone viral on Tiktok where it has been viewed by more than 1.8m users who are finding it hard to take their eyes off it
A little boy who is said to be two years old has set the internet on fire with the way he shunned his mother who asked for his ice cream.

He held on the cone with relish and excitement, totally refusing to let his mother have a lick.

He enjoys it alone
In the video, the boy was seen sticking out his tongue to eat the ice cream in a manner that made many people laugh out loud.

His mother then asked if she could have part of the ice cream, the baby vehemently refused, telling his mum not to be weird.

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