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After They  Sent Her Death Threatens Deborah Replied with  “Holy Ghost Fire, Nothing Would happen To Me, The Next Day She Was Burned to Death (Audio)

Deborah Samuel, and the Reason why she was today Beaten and Burnt to Death in Sokoto: Apparently She was Killed all because she dared to challenge her Classmates who always sent Religious Broadcast messages in their school group.

After she had told them to stop doing that they instead started sending her Death threatens so she replied with this above voice note speaking in Hausa, the English Translation says: “Holy ghost fire, nothing would happen to me, is it by force you guys would always be sending these religious stuff in the group, the group wasn’t created for that, but rather as a notice for when there’s a test, assignment, exams etc not these nonsense Religious posts” this was what they now tagged as Blasphemy and lynched her!!!

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