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Nigerian Boy who Built a Replica of Overhead Kano Bridge Gets US Scholarship, His Mum Gets N1m & Dad a Job Read

Musa Sani, the Nigerian kid who went viral for building a replica of Kano overhead bridge has brought glory and goodness to his family This is as a construction company got wind of his wonderful creation and gave him scholarship to study in the United States All of his family members were also gifted something unique with his mother getting N1 million and his dad a new job.

A young boy’s talent has become the catalyst for the upliftment of his family as a construction company has taken note of it. The young Nigerian lad identified as Musa Sani had become an internet sensation after a replica of the Kano state overhead bridge he built with locally-sourced materials went viral.

The blessing went around his family Sharing snaps of Musa and his creation on Twitter, a Nigerian tweep with the handle @OvieNews announced that a construction company, Ronchess Global Resources, has offered Musa university scholarship to study in the United States .

@OvieNews who said he was contacted by the company’s CEO, added that the construction establishment also gifted Musa’s mum the sum of N1 million to start a business, while his father was given a job. They also promised to enroll Musa’s siblings in good schools and will move the family to a furnished apartment in Maiduguri.

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