Navy causes heavy traffic grid-lock in Onitsha, rakes in millions daily – motorists alleges

Nigerian Navy in Onitsha, Anambra state, has allegedly been accused by motorists of causing heavy traffic grid-lock adjacent to franobi estate, along the ever-busy Onitsha Owerri road, thereby frustrating smooth vehicular and passengers’ Movement on daily basis.

A driver who pleaded anonymity told this paper that, “they rake in millions on daily basis. I was asked to produce #2,000 or park the truck I was driving on getting to the Naval check-point opposite Franobi estate”

“In a bid not to waste my precious time I produced the money and left. I was in the grid-lock for about an hour from the Oba fly-over. These Naval officers rake in millions of money daily”.

“I plead that there commander should bring them to order because he may not know that his boys are dragging the image of Nigerian Navy in Onitsha to the mud.”

Also a tricycle operator who plies Onitsha/ Onitsha road, and simply identified himself as Okay, told this paper that, “our problem along Onitsha/Owerr road is not the bad portions of the road but the heavy traffic grid-lock caused by the Naval men at the naval check- point “.

“It is because of the money they collect from motorists that causes the grid-lock. It was worse Wednesday, coupled with the little down pour”

In his reaction, a trader who resides in Oba but pleaded anonymity said that, “my brother, what is happening here is better experienced than told. It is money collection all the way by the Naval officers”

“Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo should come to our rescue because they are not stationed there to make money but to sack unknown Gunmen”

“Any time we are approaching them with wares, we must drop money or you pack the vehicle. If you doubt what I am saying just hang around and you will see the entire thing by yourself”

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